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    Server Rules Empty Server Rules

    Post by Magn0S[GM] on Wed Jul 30, 2008 11:19 am

    1.1) Scamming is no longer tolerated. Scamming results in an account ban. The length is under the GM's descretion.

    2.1) Hacking is not tolerated AT ALL. Using any 3rd party tool (i.e a speeder) or edited client, to give yourself an advantage results in an INSTANT ip ban, with no warnings and no unbanning.

    2.2) Editing a Helbreath Friend's client to allow multi-client is strictly forbidden. However, multi-screening is not. This means using 2 or more computers, which run 2 seperate instances of the game. 19th June 2008

    Account Sharing
    3.1) Anybody account sharing will not be given support if they have been hacked.

    Forum Voting
    4.1) Magn0S's decision is always final.

    Bad Language
    5.1) Using racially offensive words is not tolerated. Depending on the severity, you may be given 1-3 warnings, then 1-3 mutes. Persistant offenders will recieve a 3day ban, then a week ban, then a month ban.

    5.2) Abusing GMs is concidered an attack of the server. This will usually result in an INSTANT 3 day ban.

    Chat Spamming
    6.1) Using a macro or bot to perform continuous spamming results in a PERMANANT mute.

    6.2) Spamming to get the attention of a GM or GMHelper will result in a warning, then a 5-10 minute mute.

    6.3) Spamming racial or offensive words, especially if using caps, will result in INSTANT 30-60 minute mute. Further offenses will result in 3 day - 1 month bannings.

    Laming EKs
    7.1) Purposely killing the same character with his permission or killing one of your own characters (multi-screening) will result in an EK and HERO wipe. Further problems with the same character will result in Majestic wipe.

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