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    Game Economy Empty Game Economy

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    Game Economy

    Earning Money
    The money drop chance is around 65% of any drop. You also can ear money by selling the unsual itens droped by monsters. The price of it is half of total price.

    Gold wil be the must usefull coin trade in the game.
    With Gold you will be able to:
    * Buy itens by Venders
    - Pots
    - Armors
    - Weapons/Wands
    - Shield
    - Rings / Necklaces
    - Spells

    * Items Repair
    - Te cost to repair a item its about the half price of the item.

    * Use the Teleport System
    - The City Hall Officer and Devlin are the oficial teleporters of the game, and each map have a certain price to tp.

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