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    The Invasion Empty The Invasion

    Post by Magn0S[GM] on Mon Sep 14, 2009 6:15 am

    The new event created by Magn0S[GM] for Helbreath Friend's.

    New Episode.

    HELBREATH - The Invasion.
    (Created to Helbreath Friend's)

    After several years imprisoned, Abaddon wants revenge against Aresden and Elvine, he summons all his loyal servants, Tigerworm, Hellclaw, Wyvern, Wyvern Fire, and their newest ally, Death-Wyvern.Thirsty for revenge, Abaddon asked destruction of both cities, to kill all, he wants to walk on the blood of their enemies.

    But Aresien and Eldiniel blinded by his battles of several years, are not prepared for an
    attack of this size, and as always, refuse to help one another.

    Now more than ever, you need to fight fiercely to defend their nation and eliminate the evil of their land. Call all your Guild and your allies and fight again, be a hero again. Be a hero once more.


    First city to kill all monster on ur nation win the event.
    Eath town have only 1 hour to clear the city.

    Prize for winner city: (???)
    The Invasion Helsho39

    The Invasion Helsho38

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