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    Once upon a time in the depths of HELBREATH, there were two Absolute Gods: Eldiniel and Aresien.
    These two Gods had contact with humankind through the Erisnommire Temple at Mt. Asgarde, located in
    the western region of HELBREATH.
    Eldiniel and Aresien ruled the world of 12 primary Gods. When the 'Descent of Gods' occurred, the Gods came
    down and lived in harmony with humankind, making the land fertile and productive.
    There they released the 'Divine Power' among all people. In HELBREATH, during the year of 2192
    the 'Prime Event' took place. The world of HELBREATH fell into deep confusion due to strife between the two
    Absolute Gods.
    This event caused a rift between the Gods and humanity. That was the first battle beetwen the nation called
    The Crusade.Without the guidance of the Gods, the absolute evil - Abaddon - once restricted to the eastern
    region of HELBREATH, started to recover its power. By this process, the forces of evil grew. The deceitful
    creatures that once lived in the darkness of hell emerged and assailed the villages of HELBREATH.
    Some say that Abaddon, the land of destruction, is the source of the monsters. Stories arose of missing
    warriors and magicians who went to Abaddon, not returning. Abaddon became a place feared by the people
    of HELBREATH... As legend of Abaddon is myth, no one knows of the true state of darkness. The one truth is
    that the forces of evil rise day by day, while humanity busies itself over petty conflict.
    These chaotic days require real heroes.
    For several years finnaly in Apocalypse, those heroes beat the darkness, and sealed Abaddon again, and for
    a long time, both cityes lived in peace again.
    Time has passed by andů Those citizens of both Elvine and Aresden who were sick and tired of murders and
    thefts left their nation, in searching for the new world. The princess of Elvine, Helien felt the responsibility of
    her people also left Elvine as she reproached her father. When Helien arrived on the west side of the Middle Land, she found unrevealed a castle, after known as hidden castle (Heldenian). The princess Helien tried to establish a new village around the castle for those people who left Elvine. However when the proprietor of Elvine knew about Helien and the hidden castle, he sent out his troops in capture the castle for Elvine.
    In the same time, Aresden also received the news that Elvine sent out their troops to the hidden castle that
    Aresden also sent out their troops urgently to the Middle land. Elvine and Aresden faced each other on the west side of the Middle Land. They forget about the peace and once again, the long war is started upon avarices of both nations.
    It result in the destruction total of both nations, but bravery's soldiers wake up of the ilusion created by the evil
    Abaddon. Everyone was thinking the Abaddon was sleaded forever in the Apocalypse, but an ancient dark spirit
    called Schettini was trying wake up the evil, and bringing they soldiers to the humam world again. Schettini bring from others continent others monsters to be the captain of the army of Abaddon, they are, Death-Wyvern, Heaven-Wyvern and Eternal-Dragon. Day by day, Schettini is breaking the seal in Abaddon, and if he conclude it all the imperium in Helbreath will be down. But still have a hope, someone from the nations, is the owner of a hunt specialist guild, and there existe a little and weak boy now, but he is descendant of the gods of Helbreath, and a great power to awaken in this citizen.
    First of all, he needs up his power to be a hero, and stop Schettini in the end of world.


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