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    Guild House System Empty Guild House System

    Post by Magn0S[GM] on Wed Jul 31, 2013 10:57 pm

    I have this idea like years ago, sometimes i wrote some stuffs to one day try work on it. So, this days i got nothing much to do, i started work on Guild Houses.. Finnaly... (29/07/2013)

    Concept: (Inicial idea)

    - Each city have 5 Guild Houses.
    - The Guild House can be purchased only for Guild Masters
    - Each guild can have only one Guild House
    - Inside Guild House will be specially services for the guild members:
    -o Shops with new items and discount for repair
    -o Teleports with discounts.
    -o Char will not feel Hunger
    -o Guild Bank (TO ADD)

    Code Progress:
    HG / Client: 65% - 65%

    Some screenshots of feature:
    Checking witch Houses is Available...
    Guild House System Helsho18

    Checking Guild House location on Map and preparing to buy.
    Guild House System Helsho13

    Running in front of a purchased house...
    Guild House System Helsho14

    Non Guild Master trying purchase a House..
    Guild House System Helsho15

    Purchasing other House
    Guild House System Helsho16

    You cant buy more than one House
    Guild House System Helsho17

    TO DO:
    Change City mapdata files .amd for a better visual of the entraces of Houses. (0%)
    Add a Guild Donation system (Contribution Points, Majestics...) (0%)
    Add guild pay for the house (0%)
    Add a new NPC for guild lord (npc's wearing clothes...) to be the shop / teleporter (0%)

    Add repairs / teleports with discount (0%)

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